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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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plus a special investigation into the cover-up of the cover-up. how the main street media is aiding obama by hiding the truth of what happened in libya. >> sean: we are 39 days from the election, and "hannity" starts right here, right now. we're awaiting the first pictures from a muslim rally on american soil in dearborn, michigan. they're protesting the trailer that continues to be blamed for all the violence that has recently swept the middle east and north africa. they claim that the filmmaker has blood on his hands. they want to stress the need to curb portrayals of islam and the prophet. let me explain what this means. they want to limit your right to freedom of speech. we'll have a full report and images in just a little bit on the program, and as soon as that video becomes available we will bring it into to you on the fox
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news channel. first new evidence tonight that senior members of the obama administration in fact engaged in a widespread cover-up in the hours immediately following the nation of four americans in libya. beyond just their misleading words, it's now their behind-the-scenes actions that are raising very serious questions tonight about what this president and his top aides are trying to hide. according to the washington times, a state department memo has been completely scrubbed from the publicly accessible portion of the agency's website. that document was a september 6th release from the bureau of diplomatic security stating there's no, quote, credible evidence that a terror attack is planned overseas to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. so what was the motivation for removing that post? first, as we know, the diary of our fallen ambassador christopher stevens was uncovered at the site of the terrorist attack. according to cnn, he had concerns about his safety.
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this blatantly contradicts the state department's now deleted memo. since that discovery secretary of state hillary clinton has denied thember this? >> there's one report suggesting that ambassador stevens that he was on a, quote, al-qaeda hit list. is this a scurrilous humor, gallous humor when one is working in a period of great difficulty and challenge or is there something more to what he allegedly -- i stress that word -- said? >> as to your question, i have no information or reason to believe there's any basis for that. >> sean: despite the fact that our own ambassador e wrote it in his own diary, we're supposed to believe he never mentioned any of these concerns to his superiors, no emails, no diplomatic cables, nothing? secretary clinton also claims that the administration had no information to suggest that our assets in libya were ever at risk, but in light of the news that this was a premeditated
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terrorist attack by more than 100 al-qaeda affiliated operatives and in light of the fact that it was conducted on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks, how in the world are we to believe that there were no warning signs? perhaps it's because there was in fact warning signs and they ignored them. it was ignored by a president and a white house that's more interested in winning a second term in office than confronting the threat that is posed by radical islamists. maybe that's why all of a sudden the state department memo has vanished from where the public can see it, because it was quickly becoming apparent that this attack was in fact, in spite of what they said, coordinated and planned. a memo posted by the state department saying al-qaeda wasn't planning any attacks would show incompetency at the state department level, and maybe the white house. with this ever-changing story, with every memo we find being deleted, it's obvious they are trying to cover their tracks. even th the washington times sas
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secretary hillary clinton must explain why this part of the historical record was removed and what other incriminating documents have been removed or destroyed. the pieces are starting to come together tonight, and that's why the state department went ballistic when the ambassador's journal was found. they're trying to convince you this was a spontaneous event prompted by a video on youtube. they've attempted to divert your attention away from the tickets e factsfacts,but it's not worke. joining with me with reaction to the latest developments, patrick j. buchanan. pat, we have four dead americans here. four. reaction? >> well, i know something about
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the white house, too. and let me tell you, the intelligence community knew the day after this event in banghazi that it was a terrorist attack, yet two days after that jay carney went out and said it was a spontaneous event, a mob came up and all of this. who was it, sean, that briefed carney and told him to go out and say that? in the white house i worked in, that would be the chief of staff and the nec advisor, because what carney said was dead false. >> sean: it's not just carney, too. >> it's susan rice. >> sean: it's hillary clinton. >> let's go to susan rice. five days after this terrorist attack, she is booked on five national news shows and goes out and uses the exact terminology, spontaneous, not premeditated, not preplanned at all. they were told to go out there by people who must have known the intelligence, therefore using these people, these
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administration people to deceive and mislead unless they were utterly stupid about what happened. we ought to find out who told ms. rice to go out and say that, who told carney to go out and say that, because we know it was ultimaterly false. it was complete a terrorist attack. >> sean: here's the problem. this president still is blaming this youtube movie trailer that was released in july. he's still blaming them. we have the mother of one of our navy seals killed here, and she's demanding answers, as should the ambassador's family, the other navy seal and the other person. banghazi is a hotbed for terrorist training, pat. this is not brain surgery. >> sean, let me tell you about banghazi. the cia took off and got out of there the next day. we were told by susan rice the fbi's investigating. the fbi has never gone in to banghazi. this is 15, 16 days later.
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that tells you banghazi is an utterly unsafe city. you know, it's al-qaedaville, if you will, if the fbi can't go into the consulate and investigate. barack obama is saying we've won the war against al-qaeda, we're winning the war, they're in retreat, all the rest of it. if al-qaeda is that strong in banghazi, the libyan government can't deal with this thing, what did we liberate there? al-qaeda is in the arabian peninsula, it's in anbar province, it's in libya, it's in pakistan. the main one, and hillary clinton just referred to it today, take a look at northern mali. it's the size of france. the affiliate of al-qaeda has taken over the place entirely. she seemed to suggest the attack might have originated there. right next door an american
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general has been in there. they're talking about a 3,000-man army to invade that area. what's at stake is obama's entire middle east policy and all this -- you know, queue sama is dead and year on a roll. >> sean: if there's a conscience cover-up, and we have intelligence officers confirming, they knew within 24 hours, but to protect obama, and the beautiful house he lives in that we pay for, the plane that he flies around in that we pay for, the helicopter he flies in, to get re-elected, he wants to crawl to the finish line. senate democrats today, it's only a show. they want to get to the bottom of this before election day in 39 days, patrick j. buchanan. >> sean, let me ask you -- that's exactly right. the intel knew it the next day, yet two days later carney and four days later susan rice are sent out by whom? was it hillary clinton? was it the chief of staff in the white house? was it the head of the nfc?
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to go out and speak utter foolish untruths about what occurred. who told them to do that? i don't believe susan rice called up five networks and said i'd like to go on sunday and explain all of this to you. somebody told her to do that. >> sean: we're piecing this altogether. number one, they don't want the american people to know they did not beef up security on the anniversary of 9/11. number two, that they consciously lied. number three, that they -- they're now trying to hide and cover the whole thing up. how big an issue as this relates to the campaign? what do you think we're capable of finding out in the next 39 days, what impact does it have on the election? >> i'll tell you what's happening is, barack obama's entire middle east policy built around the arab spring, his special relationship because he grew up in indonesia, the cairo speech, it is all collapsing right under him. the whole place is on fire with jihadism, anti-americanism,
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fundamentalism and all the rest, and he's saying his policies work. the whole middle east policy is hanging by a thread right now, sean. >> sean: pat, we'll look back in this period of history with barack obama -- oh, i stopped torture, i'm closing gitmo. you know, it was embarrassing to watch our president speak at the united nations comparing to that netanyahu's speech, which was pro inboundprofound, had clarit. >> they want to get by the election. >> sean: crawl to the finish line. >> exactly. bury it, ingredient it aside, get it out of the election. don't let anything happen, keep your fingers crossed till november, and whatever happens then happens. that is the only thing that explains why you would use your officials and destroy their credibility by sending them out and basically making fools of them. >> sean: we'll talk about the cover-up of the cover-up by the main street media, so in the
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tank for this guy coming up later in the program. patrick j., thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: this cover-up has everyone outraged. this transcends politics, because even democrats are demanding the administration provide an accurate account what happened in banghazi, and the bipartisan effort is led by the president's own debate partner, and that's senator john kerry. he says he wants answers. so do we, and do the families. mark, it seems to me the worst part is always the cover-up. now with the state department, now we learn that they knew within 24 hours what happened, always seems that when you try to -- well, let's delete this here, move this aside here, that all it does is bring greater suspicion to what was frankly an implausible story to begin with. >> absolutely. we're hearing all these reports that they knew within 24 hours. as you pointed out, ambassador chris stevens in his diary said
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he was worried about al-qaeda targeting him. that means there was intelligence somewhere, he got that information, that al-qaeda -- that he was being threatened. so why does this administration, when the ambassador is actually killed, assume that it was just a crowd of people and not al-qaeda? the fact is, they had a record of dismissing and -- this is not just a single case. they have a record of dismissing these terrorist attacks and pretending they weren't terrorist attacks. >> sean: wait a minute. like workplace violence at fort hood? >> exactly. after the christmas day bombing, three days after the christmas day bomber, president obama said it was the work of an isolated extremist. it wasn't. it was the work of kathy i al-qn the arabian peninsula. they're trained by the taliban. fort hood, turns out this guy was in touch with the cleric in
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association with the arabian -- >> sean: the pandering hasn't worked. >> that is utter insanity. >> sean: steve, i have a question for you. they said to us, the american people, they went out and there and they said, this has nothing to do with america, nothing to do with american policies. that's what they said. they said it had to do with a movie trailer released in july, and it just so happened to happen on 9/11. and, by the way, this spontaneous attack, they just so happened to rocket-propelled grenades and mortars with them at the time the spontaneous attack took place. not even you, steve, partisan democrat, should believe that. >> sean, this is a perfect example of what's called the fog of war. >> sean: fog of war? three weeks, fog of war. >> yes, that's exactly what it is. >> sean: it's a joke. >> there was total confusion afterwards, riots everywhere.
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>> sean: they knew within 24 hours, steve. >> what's a joke is your tirade here. this president has launched 270 drone attacks against -- >> sean: steve wait a minute. on the anniversary of 9/11 didn't we beef up security? >> maybe because of the budget cuts that the republicans took away. >> you're cutting the budget for security at our embassies, that's absolutely a fact. >> why barack obama did not attend his intelligence briefing for an entire week leading up to the anniversary of september 11th. >> he got more than half of the intelligence briefings leading up to -- >> let me finish my point. the day after the attack, he canceled his intelligence briefing to go to a campaign
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event. all of a sudden now, when it's come out to light he's been skipping, all of a sudden he's attending them again. maybe what i'd like to see is, what did the presidential daily brief say about the consulate in banghazi? >> you're not privy to it because you don't have that clearance anymore, if you ever had it. you don't have to be there to get the briefing. they have every technological -- they can watch an attack go on against bin laden in pakistan. >> sean: steve, you're making an excuse. this is what you're missing. there are four dead americans. the first ambassador killed -- >> i'm not missing that. i'm not missing that. you're blaming obama instead of the terrorists, sean. >> sean: no. i'm saying this white house knew and they lied and they made lame excuses so they could cover their options because he cares more about his re-election. >> that is a scurrilous charge. you're blaming him for something
2:16 am
al-qaeda did. >> sean: i'm blaming him for lying to us. >> it's simple. if this was a mob that attacked the embassy, then it's not his fault. if this was a planned attack on the embassy on september 11th, they let it happen, it's their fault. two weeks before that they were bragging, gloating about killing brady. they were saying al-qaeda is decimated, and a few days later al-qaeda-affiliated terrorists kill our ambassador. that's what they're worried about. >> talk about blaming america, mark, that's you. >> i don't blame america. i blame barack obama. >> sean: steve, when my kids get in trouble, they get in more trouble if they lie about what they did. >> exactly. >> sean: if this president purposely -- and now all the evidence shows scrubbing the website, making up excuses in spite of the incontro varietyible evidence, and even this this week, please, we're so
2:17 am
sorry for that video, that's disgusting. that's embarrassing. americans deserve better. >> it's disgusting. >> sean: got to go. thank you both. coming up tonight, now this is brand-new video out tonight out of dearborn, michigan, where muslims are pushing for what they call deterrent legal measures when it comes to portrayals of the prophet muhammad. in other words, it sounds like they want to limit your free speech. then it's the cover-up of the cover-up orchestrated by your media when it comes to the administration's phony explanation and contradicting explanation on the banghazi attack. special edition of media mash special edition of media mash tonight minutes away. remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right?
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>> sean: the war on free speech continued tonight as islamic leaders were holding a rally in dearborn, michigan, calling for the suppression of any form of speech that may, quote, offend the prophet muhammad or muslims. all of this comes one day after the transportation authority approved new guidelines for subway and bus advertisements, opening up the door for banning ads that are deemed controversial.
2:22 am
now, this change was made after controversy erupted over this pro-israel ad that was created by the american freedom defense initiative. now it referred to the enemies of israel as, quote, savages and appeared last week around new york. where's the president while first amendment rights are coming under fire? he's out there campaigning of course. joining us alexis ma gill johnson and tucker carlson. tucker, president all this week, "i'm so sorry," at the u.n. "i'm so sorry." some movie trailer came out, it's wrong, it's disgusting. he did it, hillary did it, susanries did it, jay carney did it. why are they pandering this way? right here in america we have a group in dearborn that's trying to stop freedom of speech. where's the president on this in. >> because the left, contrary to popular opinion, is not the defender of free speech.
2:23 am
you know, anytime you hear a person use the term "hate speech" you are listening to an attack on the first amendment, because you're hearing an argument that says there are things that says there are things so far out of the mainstream that they ought to be banned. slate, the online liberal magazine this week ran a piece that said we run the first amendment too seriously, there are things that are too offensive that they ought to be banned. it's a terrifying development. >> sean: tonight, it was the lead on drudge, as i was coming down to the program tonight, we're going to give another $450 million, the person that got this started, alexis, is the president of egypt, and he said he won't allow anyone saying anything negative against the prophet. my question to you is, where is the president? where are the leaders in this country saying you're not getting a dime lecturing us? personally, i found the trailer amateurish, cartoonish, not
2:24 am
worth listening to. i don't like the crucifix submerged in urine that we helped pay for in a museum in new york. but nobody's saying that you can't say or do what you want, except muslims. why? >> sean, look, i think it's absolutely right. we all are on the same page here, we have to affirm our first amendment rights for free speech. we have to walk a really, really difficult line. that is that, we don't want our core american value to be one where we promote intolerance, because we know that intolerance actually leads to -- >> sean: who's promoting intolerance in this country? individuals make stupid art that i don't like as a christian, and art that offends me as an american. >> we have the right to condemn that. >> sean: why? in this case they're looking for blasphemy laws, in other words it would be illegal to be critical of the prophet or
2:25 am
critical of islam. that's what they're arguing. that's what morsi, who's taking $2 billion, is lecturing us that we must do and our president is pandering and apologizing for a film he had nothing to do with. >> i see him condemning the lack of tolerance it. i think that's a really important -- >> sean: wait a second. the lack of tolerance comes from the president himself, and the left, basically making an argument on behalf of or explaining the way the actions you saw in the middle east. they're basically saying, look, this is why it happened. it happened because people said mean things. the truths is, if you care about the first amendment, the freedom to say what you think, to express your opinion, you unequivocally the right for people to say unpopular things and not get killed for it. >> no, no, tucker, i think you actually affirm the first amendment, but you also have the right and you reserve the right to condemn when -- >> sean: alexis, why did the
2:26 am
president -- and hillary, his administration -- over and over and over again, they're going over this cartoonish, amateurish stupid movie trailer? i haven't heard them say a peep about a crucifix submerged in urine on display a couple blocks away from the u.n.? why does he feel a compulsion to apologize again and again? why? >> because that art is in the context of a powder keg. >> sean: wait a minute. who is his audience, then? is it the moderate muslims we talk about or is the audience the radical muslims that won't like you anyway? >> his audience is anyone that's going to listen that has the capacity to respect american life. that's where our focus is. >> this is a hostage situation. >> tolerance leads to hate. look at what happened in our very own wisconsin with the sikhs that were killed -- the killings in the temple -- >> sean: i got to break. hold on a second.
2:27 am
i'll ask you this when we get back. more with tucker and alexis after the break. also tonight, what happened the night our ambassador and three other americans were killed. well, our administration won't tell us. the main street media is doing all they can to make sure you don't have a clue. tonight we expose the cover-up of the cover-up in washington. a special edition of our media mash segment. then, well, while it wasn't a scheduling conflict, the real reason the president couldn't meet with benjamin netanyahu. not exactly a scheduling conflict. what was it? tonight we investigate right ♪ why not get buried in something other than work? get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred.
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through mercedes-benz why not start the weekend before the week ends? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity" as we continue along. alexis, the president when he goes to the united nations, when he keeps talking about the disgusting movie trailer, etc., etc., we keep -- we rightly so break it down and distinguish between radical islamists, those
2:32 am
that want to kill us, those that want to wipe israel off the map, and those that are moderate muslims. it's the radicals that attacked us on the anniversary of 9/11. so the president is saying to the american people it's about the movie. this is all predicated on a belief when he goes out and pannedders this way that he can somehow through words get radicals to like us and listen to him. he's already tried this. it hasn't worked. what's so frustrating to me is that this -- he doesn't pander to catholics with the crew fix in urine or the elephant dung on mary. why does he believe that pandering to the radicals will work? help me out. >> i don't see him pangedderring to radicals. the president has the bully pulpit.
2:33 am
he's trying to assert -- >> sean: trying? >> -- what america should be. that is the most tolerant of nation -- >> sean: weak. he doesn't apologize to catholics or christians, tucker. >> that's a simple reason, because catholics aren't killing people who insult the pope. we're in a hostage situation, and basically what's taken hostage is our freedom of speech. the guy that made this trailer, a coptic crean fro christian fr, who expects to speak freely here. he does, and now he's in jail. the irony of that, the sad, crushing irony of that -- i'm not defending the guy's criminal record, but anybody who looks at this guy's life and says he's in jail because he violated his probation because he violated the internet? he's in jail because he said
2:34 am
unpopular things. >> if we had the same kind of trailer, attacking members of the jewish faith or christian faith we would be -- >> sean: i doubt it. the president would never apologize like this. we got to go, guys. i appreciate you being with us. fascinating discussion. coming up, just when you think it couldn't get worse, any more blatant, the main street media, they shell the stories of the past three week, and that is the administration's cover-up of the banghazi attack. when we come back, we break down the cover-up of the cover-up straight ahead with brent bzell, and we open up the president's appointment book and see what was happening him from meeting was happening him from meeting wiwhen we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball.
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>> sean: when it comes to the banghazi cover-up, the white house did not act alone in trying to hide the truth from you, the american people. that's right. the obama administration got help from coconspirators in the form of friends and liberal main street media. joining me to help expose the blatant bias brent bozell. only abc acknowledges that intelligence officials on the ground knew it within 24 hours. only one. watch this. >> the white house first suggested that the banghazi attack was spontaneous. the result of that anti-muslim video inciting mobs throughout the region. >> let's be clear, these protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region. >> what happened to -- >> we certainly don't know. we don't know otherwise. we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. >> but sources tell abc news that intelligence officials on
2:40 am
the ground immediately suspected the attack was not tied to the movie at all. >> sean: really? got one out of three. wasn't on the front page of many newspapers. why, brent? >> well, think about this. first of all, forget any evidence. there was something very suspicious about the enact a massive demonstration over a video's no one heard of, and who shows up to a demonstration with rocket-propelled grenades? so they should have scratched their head a little bit and wondered. now the evidence has been confirmed by "newsweek," no friend of the conservative movement, by the way, and by fox news independently, that within 24 hours intelligence officials had indication of this. here's jay carney saying, we have no information on this. they absolutely did have information. so when you've that going on, you wonder where are the press? this happened two weeks ago. where are the press covering? fine, abc news finally did a story. they should have been doing this a week ago.
2:41 am
>> sean: they're covering up the death by terrorists of americans. >> absolutely. >> sean: they're covering it up. >> absolutely. cbs has yet to cover this. >> sean: nbc finally did the story, but they blamed the intelligence coming up, you know, for getting it wrong, as if they know better. by the way, it's msdnc. go ahead. >> it's win more than two weeks since the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans were killed at the u.s. consulate in banghazi. tonight a rare reversal. intelligence officials acknowledge they originally got it wrong. patience is starting to wane thin with the pace of the investigation and shifting explanations from the administration. tonight members of congress from both parties are demanding answers. >> sean: well, they got part of it right. >> they couldn't be more shameless, sean. this is your typical friday afternoon surprise. now, we saw this so often with the clinton administration.
2:42 am
now you're seeing it with the obama administration. come out with a dollop of information that might sound right, but when you look at it carefully it's not right at all. they're blaming with the people that came up with the evidence that said it was a terrorist attack. they're blaming them for it now. >> sean: look, simple questions of this president has never been asked. mr. president, you said you'd cut the deficit in half in your first term. it went up $6 trillion. you called bush unpatriotic for $4 trillion in eight years. simple question. mr. president, you predicted if we passed your stimulus by now we would have created 8 million new jobs. they still have fewer americans working. you know, mr. president, you said you'd b transparent. can we see the cables and wires tomorrow? when can we see them? >> how about this, mr. president you said you were taking our foreign policy in a different direction. the middle east is in flames against america and our ambassador is dead.
2:43 am
mr. president, in sudan they will not allow u.s. marines to guard american soil. what do you have to say about that? >> sean: romney has got to understand, they're not going to ask these questions. it's his job to bring it up as of next wednesday. here's andrea mitchell, "nbc nightly news," and she says it's ambassador rice who was sent out with false information that we now know is false, as corroborated by a scrubbed websites at the state department to lie as as did jay carney, as did secretary clinton. watch this. >> it's very unusual for the intelligence community to make this admission. politics are clearly in play. the questions being asked are why did they get it wrong? was it because there was a cover-up or was it because they were trying to avoid acknowledging mistakes this close to an election? so there is always a political context. certainly the white house today and tonight very strongly defending susan rice, but she is in the crosshairs right now of the political argument, and this
2:44 am
is something that is going to be pursued by republicans who have been hammering away for days, saying that the administration deliberately covered it up, something the white house has strongly denied. >> sean: how about this? on the anniversary of 9/11 in banghazi, a hotbed for terrorist training, that maybe you might want to beef up security. just a thought. >> susan rice went on five national transition show televid lied. she absolutely lied. she wasn't caught in crosshairs. she ought to be caught in front of a jury somewhere. >> sean: brent, thank you for being with us. can you guess what kept the president from penciling in a few minutes for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for a meeting today? we'll open up the president's very public appointment book when we get back. we'll investigate, show you just what was more important than actually helping to stop the burning and the chaos and the mayhem that is in the middle east.
2:45 am
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>> this was a week that the white house claimed that the president couldn't meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu according to a scheduling conflict. doesn't appear that's the case
2:49 am
at all. his schedule included a daily briefing, 9:45 a.m. out a rollout of bed, meetings have senior staff, of course they had donuts and coffee at 10:15, and there was a large gap in his afternoon schedule, and then maybe basketball and golf. i'm sorry, mr. president, where is the conflict? he did say he meets with one, he's got to meet with 10. and even that is his job, he's got beyonce and jay-z and vegas and fundraisers he's got to to. >> if he says he has to meet with one, he has to meet with all of them. that's our chief ally in the region. i bet hillary clinton didn't know she'd be doing his job. she made the time to meet with
2:50 am
netanyahu and sit down with him. all the president made time for is a 20-minute conversation? >> sean: and the white house releases a photo, there's the president all serious. what is that? a photo op, i actually called bibi netanyahu, and snubbed him and treated him like crap. >> by the way, just to point out, he did have his daily briefing. and ever since it was reported, the white house has been running and doing it every day, right? so we go through that motion. then we ever the nonschedule. hey, look, if you're not netanyahu, you can't read what this message is. we don't have time. we can't schedule. you've got an open -- you know what will happen, sean, the media's not going to do anything about this. they don't pursue anything. they are just so far in the tank for him. they are so far not following up real stories of the lies, the cover-ups, and national security, it's scary. >> sean: it's friday night, we got a friday night dump tonight.
2:51 am
here's president morsi of egypt, he's lecturing us on there will be no criticism, we will not accept it, from anybody about the prophet, about muhammad. now we have dearborn, michigan, tonight but yet they dump tonight that they're going to egypt another $450 million taxpayer dollars. >> we're in a position now where we actually -- the leader of the free world is taking direction from other countries. we have other countries telling us what we should and shouldn't be doing because of the absence of leadership right now. all of the aid we give these countries should be reevaluated these days. >> sean: you get offer the phone with bibi and -- >> $450 million to the muslim brotherhood. >> who hate us. >> sean: exactly. i wonder if he said that to bibi today. >> i doubt it. >> sean: the same guy that's supports hamstring, a terrorist group themselves, that called the israelis vampires, recently met with the mullahs --
2:52 am
>> his people called for the demonstration in die row to begin with two days before for the blind sheik. remember after two days, obama calls him, he says call it off, and they do it and it ends. >> sean: guys, stay right there. when we come back, i think we got one of the best political ads of this season. we got it right here. we'll debut it coming up next right here on "hannity." i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred.
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>> february 16th, 2003, fort hood, texas. lieutenant colonel allen west had just received dwight orders and prepares his men to go to war. that night, south beach, miami, patrick murphy is thrown out of a club for fighting, covered in alcohol and enable to stand. he confronts and verbally assaults a police officer. patrick murphy was arrested and taken to jail. two men, a country in crisis. you decide. >> aim allen west. a prove this message. >> sean: i'm sean hannity, and i
2:56 am
doubly approve the message. checkmate. political experts are calling that ad you just saw as the most devastating contrast ad in the history of american politics. i'm sure i disagree. what do you think? >> i love it. what i love about allen west, this is a guy who plays to win. do you remember when they ran that ad, the anti-west ad, they had him in the boxing gloves, beating up a white woman and grandma. the pac that's funded by murphy's father ran that ad. allen west stepped up said you want to play hardball, i'm going to play hardball. i love it. >> what is more devastating than that ad? it's the same day -- you have to give them special effects shot. the shot from the satellite of, you know, the one place, then the other, know what, exact date. >> sean: it's divine justice there. >> and it points to character,
2:57 am
right? this was what i was doing, honor, serving my country, this is what you were doing, breaking a law, it's brilliant. >> sean: how about mitt romney versus obama? president obama was hanging out with bill ayers and jeremiah cite. i was here. i'm not allowed to bring that up. >> i wish mitt romney would play like that. >> allen west, they've been dumping all over him, and he blew them away. do not mess with colonels who have not in combat. >> that's true. very true. >> sean: you mentioned something conservatives are saying. they want mitt to be more aggressive. you want it as well. >> yes. i think his campaign has been soft. his ads -- you impair his tads to obama -- compare his ads to obama. obama's ads are tough, well done, and on message. pounding the daylights out of him, and romney's or -- >> sean: i don't get it.
2:58 am
i don't know why we're not seeing more pounding by him. do you think it starts next wednesday in colorado? >> sometimes he says positive things about obama. he cares about the middle class. no, barack obama doesn't care about the middle class. if he cared about the middle class, he wouldn't be putting through obama tax hikes on people in the middle class. >> let me just say that next wednesday night, this is it. they need to turn this campaign around. debates are vehicles of challengers. this is his chance to do this. >> sean: we need the mitt romney that showed up after losing south carolina, where he went into that state up double digits, and came out winning by double digits -- i'm sorry -- lost by double digits, then went to florida and had two debates with newt, that's the romney i want. >> the one-on-one debate forum is not necessarily president obama's best either. they've been after him for $700 million on character. the american people get 90 minutes to see whether or not
2:59 am
that's real. >> i want to see the mitt romney that got enraged when obama said you didn't build that and came out and defended small businesses, defended people -- >> sean: apologizing for success. >> bold, take no nonsense, pull no punches. that's what i want. >> sean: good to see you guys. hour goes by too fast. we need another hour. thanks for being with good morning, it's saturday, september 29th. i'm alisyn camerota. the obama administration withheld crucial information about the u.s. consulate attack on purpose. one government agency is taking responsibility is this just the white house trying to cover up the coverup. >> for get state and federal taxes. if the united nations gets its way the united s


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